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It’s time to hit the arena, Coach! Draft your team and get ready to face-off in one of six different action-packed game modes. Pass the bomb, capture the flag or fight to become king of the hill – but knowing when to unleash your players’ powerful OverDrive move will be key to coming out on top. Whatever you do, don’t go down without a fight!

OverDrive features an exciting drafting mechanic that means you never quite know what Players you’ll have on your team each game. Take it in turns to choose the Players you want in your roster to create your dream team before heading into the arena. Advanced drafting rules open up even more tactics as both Coaches vie for their favourites!

On their turn a Coach activates one of their players and moves them around the arena to try and score or knock out an opponent. Dice rolls are required for tests, like Slams or Dodges.

The game ends after 8 Rushes (turns) or if one Coach reaches eight points. {layers win the game by reaching eight points or having the highest score at the end of eight Rushes (turns).

OverDrive features an innovative tug of war scoring system that means the lead can quickly pass between Coaches. A good turn can mean you’re suddenly back in the game, while poor tactics can give your opponent the edge.

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