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Players work as chefs in a renowned Italian restaurant to carefully refine their cooking skills and earn points by baking and serving the customers their most desired pizzas.

4 Dice are rolled and sorted on the game board, these decide which slices can be topped with ingredients this round. Players then choose 1 ingredient card and pick a location to play on their board. The card determines the number of spaces their pawn moves and therefore where a ingredient token can be added to top a slice of pizza.

Once all players have topped slices with ingredients they have a chance to serve a waiting customer. The customers are very demanding and will only eat certain types of pizza.

Serving the customers the type of pizza they desire in a timely manner and as often as possible, leads to victory.

After 6 rounds the player with the most victory points is the beloved pizza chef and wins the game.

Playing the advanced mode adds in bonus tiles that introduce a variety of ways to score points throughout the game.

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