Catapult Kingdoms



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Build your castles, set up your troops, load your catapults and use your cunning tactics to win the day!

The War for the Floor has begun once more!

Catapult Kingdoms, a.k.a. Catapult Feud, is a game of last person standing. Your objective is to knock down all your opponent’s troops!

Starting with the youngest player, choose your family: Chaufort or
Cunningfields. Then, use your bricks to build a castle to fortify your
troops. Using your catapult, launch boulders in an attempt to destroy
your opponent’s castle and knock over their troops. When all troops of
one family are knocked over, the battle is over. The winning family must
have at least one troop standing upright.

The game is played in a series of rounds. During a round, starting
with the youngest player, everyone takes a turn. Each player’s turn is
divided into four phases: Tactics, Aim, Fire and Cleanup. Perform these
phases in order, finishing each one before moving to the next. When all
players have had their turn, the round finishes. You keep on playing
round after round until there is only one player with troops on the

Warning! This is a game of
construction/destruction of plastic bricks and figures… NOT your
opponent, pets, or people who may foolishly pass through the field of
battle! Please play fair and be careful not to hurt each other or damage
anything… other than your opponent’s attempt at a impenetrable

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