Fram R’lyeh



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12+ Leeftijd
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This game looks a simple trick-taking game. Each player plays a power card and the player who played the greatest power card wins a treasure.

However, Victory points of the treasure is revealed to only one player(dealer). Other players have to guess the victory points with the power card played by the dealer. And be careful! The winner’s power card becomes negative points as well.

Winning is not only getting victory points but also getting information. The winner becomes next dealer. Exactly, you may peek at both the treasure you win and the treasure of next round.

All players with negative VP are attracted to The Abyssuspolis and become cultists of The Old One. If at least one player isn’t a cultist, he can call for aid and stop their intrigue. However, if all players do become cultists, THE OLD ONE AWAKENS. In this case, the player(s) with the most negative VP win! The Old One gives favor to people attracted to insanity the most.

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