Imperial 2030



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Imperial 2030 is a game on its own, based on the
rules of Imperial. The six powers (USA, Europe, Russia, China, India,
and Brazil) develop their industrial basis and build up armies and
fleets. They fight over control of neutral land and sea areas in order
to become the most powerful nation worldwide.

In this game it is not the players who take turns, but the six
powers, one after another. The players are just internationally
operating investors who act in the background. By giving money to the
six powers, which all have their own treasuries, the players influence
the politics. The biggest investor in each nation gains control of that
nation’s government and decides what the nation will do. As control of
a government can change with each new investment, players may control
several governments at the same time. As investors, players should not
get too attached to their preferred nation, but rather focus on where
their investments have the best rates of return. Essentially the game
is about money, and not about military domination!

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