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Europe in the age of imperialism. International investors try to
achieve the greatest influence in Europe. With their bonds, they control
the politics of the six imperial nations: Austria-Hungary, Italy,
France, Great Britain, the German Empire, and Russia. The nations erect
factories, build fleets, and deploy armies. The investors watch as their
nations expand, wage wars, levy taxes, and collect the proceeds. Since
the European nations are under the shifting influence of different
investors, new strategic alliances and conflicts arise between them
again and again!

Each player represents an international investor. Only he who
succeeds in increasing his capital and gaining influence in the most
powerful European nations will win the imperial competition.

Imperial is a varied strategy game without the luck
of dice or cards. Two to six players, from about twelve years and up,
take on the role of imperial investors. The duration of the game is
about two to three hours.

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