Rallyman: GT – Team Challenge



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pack contains 6 additional cars (identical models to those in the base
game) which allows you even more exciting possibilities for your races!

Team Challenge includes an all new race mode: Pursuit! Using the
double starting tile, watch as up to 12 cars race in two packs, creating
some intense action if one group catches up to the other!

The expansion also contains new dashboards and speed tokens so that you can easily tell one car from another.

With that many cars on the track, this expansion also contains all
new 4 -lane tiles which you can use to replace straights and soft
corners, turning any existing track into a 12 car track! Mix these with
all the other tiles in your collection to create some truly exciting

Another new addition with this expansion is the Figure of 8 track!
Create some scary moments with a track that intersects itself! You can
choose to use the bridge instead, if you don’t want to take the risk of
colliding at the crossover.

Contents: 6 Car models, 12 Dashboards, 12 track Tiles, a rulebook and a host of new tokens needed for playing with so many cars!

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