Wits & Wagers: Vegas Edition



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Vegas Wits & Wagers, an expansion to Wits & Wagers Party,
has a huge playmat that takes over the room at parties and large
gatherings. The additional betting sections are designed to create fun
banter and bring the high-rolling spirit of Vegas into your living room.

The playmat is double-sided. One side has the original Wits &
Wagers mat, allowing you to play the original Wits & Wagers with
your Wits & Wagers Party edition. The other side has 3 additional

1) Players can do low risk bets on “Red” or “Black”.
2) Players can do high-risk bets on specific players.
3) There is a section which keeps track of the question # and allows for
increasing payouts to the player whose guess is closest each round.

The Vegas Wits & Wagers expansion contains a huge double sided
playmat made of neoprene, 2 neoprene mats to close out betting options
for fewer players, 7 answer boards, an additional dry-erase pen, some
extra poker chip tokens, and a rules booklet.

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