Zombicide 2nd Ed. Travel Edition



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We’re back, Survivors!

Traveling with board games isn’t always easy, to say the least. The boxes are not usually travel friendly, with awkward sizes to carry in arms, too big to fit in suitcases and frequently arrive damaged. Then, after all the effort to take the games, you arrive at your destination only to discover that the hotel room, or beach house, or country house’s table is simply too small to set up the full game.

We have all been there and we know how important it is to be able to play games outside of your own house, during vacation time or simply taking it to a friends’ house. With that in mind, we thought that this time around we could find a quality solution for you and avoid all the headache with our next Optional Buy!

The Travel Edition has compact-versions of almost all the same components as the regular 2nd Edition core box, with the exception of not having Kid survivors and 1 Abomination instead of 4.

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