Masters of Football



2, 3, 4 Aantal spelers
>60 minuten Gemiddelde speeltijd
14+ Leeftijd
Engels, taalafhankelijk Taal
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Masters of Football is a unique board game in which you are a club manager who needs to deal with all aspects of “the beautiful game”, inside and outside the pitch. Your objective is to win the championship !

You will have to manage your budget and build your team from scratch, as well as fight for the 3 points in each match by taking control of the team for attack and defence, picking the best tactics and using every trick in the book to win the championship.

Multiple different managers, unique players and versatile action cards (strategy, evolution, anti-football and the dreaded corruption cards) make every game different.

Masters of Football uses a match mechanism based on a custom dice algorithm that keeps the results realistic according to the teams strengths with just the right amount of unpredictability, also designed to allow a fast pace during matches.

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