Arkham Horror 3rd Ed: Secrets of the Order

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The unquiet spirits of the dead cry out and ghouls stalk the midnight
streets of Arkham. Derelict portals yawn open between our existence and
the horrific unknown, and even in the storied French Hill neighborhood,
the Order of the Silver Twilight plots their path to greater power.

The Arkham Horror (Third Edition): Secrets of the Order
expansion brings investigators to the classic neighborhood of French
Hill while also sending them beyond our reality into the depths of the
terrifying Underworld. Two new double-sided map tiles bring the older
regions of Arkham, Massachusetts to life, including the aforementioned
French Hill neighborhood, as well as the Underworld itself. Four more
investigators join the party, ranging from the steadfast soldier Mark
Harrigan to the confident aviatrix Winifred Habbamock. The
investigators’ jobs will not be easy — this expansion brings three
entirely new scenarios into the fold, challenging investigators with
restless spirits, secret cultists, and the depths of the Underworld
itself. With over 130 new encounter and event cards, new assets,
monsters, conditions, and a new type of map tile, Secrets of the Order
opens a portal to a hoard of content, pulling you into some truly
terrifying tales.

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