Castles of Burgundy V2 – Folded Space Insert



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Superhandige organizer om snel aan je favoriete spel te kunnen beginnen! Compatible with Castles of Burgundy®, both the Anniversary Edition and original editions of the game. Note: Insert designed for game with external box dimensions of 31.2 x 21.6 x 7.0 cm. This is the revised design for Castles of Burgundy. Insert compatible with Castles of Burgundy: Anniversary Edition®, and also has trays for The Card Game® version. The design provides both efficient storage and improved game play. The trays can be utilised during the game, and they greatly aid set-up and clear-away times. The rules and boards act as a lid on top of the trays. The insert can be used with the original edition of Castles of Burgundy® and then also stores The Dice Game® version. More on this below. There is a tray for the worker chips and expansion hex tiles, and also a separate tray for the silver coins, white die, and the Inn hex tiles. There are trays are for the buildings, livestock, monasteries, castles, mines, ships and black hex tokens. The last tray has a slot for The Shield tiles. There is one deep tray for the trade goods tiles, which can be used as a shaker to mix them prior to being placed on the board. There is also one tray for the bonus tiles. The card trays have slots for each type of card from the game, and all cards can be sleeved. Note that these card trays have no bottom. The third tray is a filler tray. The card trays can be also added when needed to the smaller game box from the card version of the game to organise them while being transported. When used in this way the fact that the cards are stored vertically lifts the lid on this box by 15 mm. The trays together with the boards and rules fully fill the box, the lid closes flush, and then the box can be stored vertically. Once all the trays are in the box, one of the overview boards is placed on top of the two card trays. Then place the rule books on top of everything, followed by the three remaining overview boards. Next add the player boards, followed finally by the game board. As noted above the insert is also compatible with Castles of Burgundy® original edition. When used like this the insert can then store both The Card Game® and The Dice Game® versions. The insert has one additional tray, not used for the Anniversary Edition, which takes the place of the trade route tiles. This tray can be used to store the dice from The Dice Game®. The bottom layer of trays have additional legs added to fill the space of the thicker boards of the Anniversary Edition as shown in the second image. When packing the box you should put the dice game pad on top of the card trays and place the remaining boards and rules on top. This again fill the box so the game could be stored vertically. This product consists of a flat-pack of 4 Evacore sheets. The trays require assembly, which is quick and fun, using ordinary PVA glue. Detailed instructions are included in the package.

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