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1, 2, 3, 4 Aantal spelers
30 tot 60 minuten Gemiddelde speeltijd
9+ Leeftijd
Engels, Nederlands, taalonafhankelijk Taal
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Hack! is a game in which up to 4 players try to hack each others computers, using routers and USB cables.

This game was designed by a member of the The Playground community, here’s his story:
Hello everyone!
I am Koen and I created this game. Over the last 20 years I made a lot of wooden versions of existing games and made some other own designs using photoshop. But until now, none of them was as simple and good as this game “”HACK!”” The playing mechanism is not comparable to any other game I know. I have been designing, testing and redesigning it over the last two years.
Beside my love for gaming, there’s a lot happening in my life. I have a family with 6 children, I’m active in 2 music bands and I’m a self-employed business man. Games I really like are Fuji Koro, Robo Rally, Carcassonne, Catan card game, Quarriors, 3 player Chess, Munchkin, Sagrada, Battle lore, Gloomhaven, Descent and a lot of others.

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