How Dare You?



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The party game you can play anywhere

Guess the number – but don’t go too high!

Lighten up the mood at any game night, dinner party or couples therapy session. Play it during business meetings, datenight your uncle’s funeral – or all three at once!

One player reads a question (all answers are numbers). The active player must guess a number that is close to – but not higher – than the correct answer. Players take turns either making a guess that is higher than the previous player, or calling out a DARE if they believe the previous player guessed too high. When a Dare is called the answer is checked and the player who was wrong must keep the card for “Silly goose points”. Once a player has collected a certain number of cards, the game ends, and the player with the most silly goose points loses. Everyone else wins.

Nearly no table space is required, and the game therefore works well as a party game in nearly any setting.

“How Dare you?” comes with 2 optional advanced rules that spice up the gameplay:

“Doubling”: If you guess a number that is at least twice that of the previous player, you gain a doubling card. This card negates one “silly goose point”. This variant tempts players to make higher guesses.

“Double Dare”: If you are dared, you can either accept the dare and check the answer like normal, or you can reply with a “Double Dare”. The player who is wrong will now get double punishment (two cards instead of one). But the player who initiated the dare, now has the option to chicken out and withdraw their dare. If they do, they must instead guess a higher number before the round continues as normal.

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