Jungle Tribe


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2, 3, 4 Aantal spelers
Minder dan 30 minuten Gemiddelde speeltijd
8+ Leeftijd
Engels, taalonafhankelijk Taal
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The jungle’s tribe chief has passed away. The time has come, for you as a young tribe member to prove, yourself and show that you should become the future leader. You still have much to learn so you decide to complete 3 dangerous Quests through the jungle: a journey to search for the 3 great masters in order to learn from the Wisest Elder, the Strongest Tribesman, and the Jungle Saint.

The game is played in two phases. In phase 1, players try to pick their 3 quests strategically, and in phase 2, players try to collect as many points as possible while completing their 3 quests through the jungle. Once a player completes all three quests, the game ends. The player with the most points wins the game. Points can be obtained in four ways: (1) Level of the player’s Quests, (2) Successfully played Experience Cards through dice-rolling mechanisms, (3) Special Cards in the player’s hand at the end of the game – hand management mechanism requires players to keep the best combos in their hand, and (4) completion bonus when having completed all 3 Quests.

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