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Mechanica Inc. will make the world spotless with their Tidybots:
ambitious vacuum robots made for global DOMINATION cleanliness! Humans
are messy. It’s time they got some help!

Build the best Tidybot factory and ship out as many Tidybots as
possible to prepare for (the definitely harmless) OPERATION CLEANUP. The
player who has sold the most money worth of Tidybots wins!

Mechanica is a game of tile-laying and
engine building. Each player buys puzzle piece-shaped machines and slots
them together to form their factory. The different machines all improve
the Tidybots your factory can make: building new Tidybots, upgrading
them, copying them, and more. There are many strategies for putting your
machines together, and everyone has fun trying to build the perfect

Players compete to buy the best machines for their factory at the
best prices while running their factories, shipping out Tidybots for
profit, completing specialty bot blueprints to fill their vaults with
money, and turning the rotating shop wheel.

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