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You’ve just been given a shot at being the head chef at the
prestigious New York Slice pizza parlor. Now you and your fellow pizza
chef wannabes have to make the most amazing pizzas…one slice at a

In New York Slice, each player slices
pizzas into portions, giving their opponents first choice, while they
take the leftovers. There are a dozen kinds of pizza to work with, from
veggie to hawaiian to meat lover’s, and each player decides if they want
to eat or keep some of the slices, building the best collection of
pizzas possible!

Each time a player slices a pizza, there’s a different special to go
along with it, whether it’s allocated to one of the portions or placed
on its own. Specials provide the player with special powers or points,
such as calling dibs on a slice before the pizza is divided, getting one
of the normally-out-of-the-game “mystery slices’, having an opportunity
to “sneak a slice” by moving it from one portion to another when they
choose, and many more—there are 14 different “Today’s Specials” in the

Some slices have anchovies on them (yuck!), which are worth negative
points to anyone who collects them — but anchovies might show up on
different pizza types you’re collecting, so in order to have the
majority of a type, you just might have to collect one with anchovies on

If you tie another player for the most slices of a type, neither of
you gets any points — but a bunch of slices have two types of pizza on
them, with each combo slice being worth half a slice of each type, which
is great for breaking ties.

Most slices have pepperoni on them, which you can eat for points
(instead of collecting to go for the majority of each slice type).

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