Patchwork: Halloween Edition


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8+ Leeftijd
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ons meest verkochte spel voor 2 personen, werd nu in een frivool Halloween-jasje gestoken! Dit spel is
Engelstalig, maar volledig taalonafhankelijk.

We probably don’t
need to introduce Patchwork anymore. This highly acclaimed game by
renowned designer Uwe Rosenberg is one of Lookouts biggest successes.
But sometimes you need a little twist, something extra, something
festive… A Patchwork – XMAS Edition for example! Jingle bells,
presents and maybe even Santa Clause can be found on the patches of this
special edition for Christmas. A festive box art and a Patchwork cookie
cutter complete this perfect gift for all fans, collectors and everyone
who missed Patchwork until now!

“”Perfect two player game for
Christmas. It also comes with a cookie cutter, so I probably will bake
some festive cookies this year!””

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