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2, 3, 4, 5 Aantal spelers
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10+ Leeftijd
Engels, taalonafhankelijk Taal
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In this abstract family game you try to outbid your opponents in the most points-worthy rounds. Be careful not to run out of your cards! Which of you will go “all in” at the right moment and leave your opponents behind? Whoever has got the most victory points at the end will win this exciting bidding game.


  1. Everyone draws 6 cards
  2. The starting player turns over the top point-card from the deck, rolls the dice and places them in the appropriate spots next to the game-board, sorted by symbols.
  3. Now all of you choose exactly 1 card from your hand and place it face down in front of you. Then all cards are revealed at the same time. Now determine the values of your played cards (multiplied with the number of symbols on the dice) and place the player-tokens on the corresponding spaces on the game board.
  4. In this phase it’s always the turn of the player, whose token is furthest back, i.e. has the lowest value.

On your turn, you decide whether you want to (a) play more cards or (b) pass. (You are not allowed to draw new cards during this phase) This continues until only one player is left – which will be the winner of this round!

The game ends after a certain number of rounds.

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