Rallyman: GT – GT4



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GT 4 expansion includes 6 new coloured plastic car models, 24
Dashboards (plus an additional 6 for your KS exclusive Soft Tires, which
will be separate), 6 Driver cards, one new Coast die and a rulebook.

GT 4 are lighter, classic cars, and while they may not have the
horsepower of the GT 5’s and GT 6’s, they more than make up for it in

GT 4 cars only have 4 Gear dice. However, they have 3 Coast dice
instead of 2, giving them a major advantage on tricky sections of track
where your speed is limited.

As with GT 5, GT 4 is fully compatible with Solo Mode, and has been added to the scoring sheet.

The GT 4 expansion also includes GT 6 BoP (Balance of Performance)
Dashboards, which allow you to race the 2 different categories at the
same time! These new dashboards modify the GT 6 cars slightly so that
they can race together on equal terms with the GT 4 cars, while
retaining their unique traits

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