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Remember Our Trip
is a board game in which players recreate a map of a city they visited
together. After returning to your own country, you and the other players
have gotten together to try to recall the map of either Kyoto or
Singapore (depending on the game board you choose). You need to piece
together the scenery of the map using fragments of your memories, with
you earning bonus points if your memory matches that of the main board
and other players.

In the game, each player has an individual image board, while
everyone shares a common map board. Each of the twelve rounds of the
game starts with the revelation of a “memory card”, which shows one of
six patterns that players can build on their image board with image
tokens that they draft. Over multiple rounds, you’ll compile image
tokens next to one another, and if you have the right tokens in the
right shape, you suddenly “remember” the building that matches the shape
and image, placing that building on the shared common map and scoring
points for it. You can additionally score points for completing
buildings with image tokens that match buildings remembered by others,
i.e., that they placed on the common board earlier. You’ve now
remembered that building, too!

Each player also has objective cards and photo memory cards, and you
can score points for satisfying them. If you can’t fit all of your image
fragments into play, you lose points for scattered thoughts. For more
difficult play, you can use the 7×6 area on the Kyoto or Singapore game
board instead of the regular 7×7 area.

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