Steampunk Rally Fusion



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2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Aantal spelers
30 tot 60 minuten Gemiddelde speeltijd
14+ Leeftijd
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Steampunk Rally Fusion is a standalone game that can be combined with the original Steampunk Rally.
It introduces new tracks with unique event cards, new part abilities
(Gear Up and Overcharge), and a new card type: Secret Projects. It also
debuts new custom dice representing powerful Fusion energy!

Take on the role of ingenious inventors from history. Draft cards to
invent your racing contraption. Power your creation’s abilities with
combinations of steam, heat, electricity, and Fusion dice. Use cogs to
augment bad dice rolls and upgrade certain machine parts.

Smashing through damaging terrain spaces may cause parts to fly off
your machine, constantly forcing you to adapt your strategy and discover
new card synergies. Fortune favors the brash, so get ready to Gear Up,
Overcharge your machine, and remake history!

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