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Our city is prospering and growing at a dizzying pace, and building permits are continually being negotiated in the main city council departments. Several political parties govern in coalition and use their influence and personnel to carry out the most successful construction projects, and thus end up being the most popular and beloved party in the city. Who knows, maybe that will catapult them to more ambitious political projects?

Each player takes on the role of a political party that strategically influences each of the 4 city councils (economy, transport, culture and tourism) to obtain the best building licenses, and thus gain prestige when building them and different benefits when inaugurating them. The player whose political party has more prestige when the construction of the city is finished, will have won.

In Urbify, players take turns choosing an option depending on whether or not they have any meeple left in their reserve.

(1) If they have them:

  • they can send them to the city hall, to one of the four councils: economy, transport, culture and tourism.
  • or they can choose an available building tile and place them on it in the city, paying the necessary council points and obtaining prestige points.

(2) If they do not have them:

  • they can resolve one of the four city councils to obtain council points.
  • or they can inaugurate the buildings they have in the city, removing their meeples and gaining the different benefits that each building gives.

The game ends when all the buildings have been constructed, winning the player with the most prestige.

—description from the publisher

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